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Dean's Corner: 2020


Lt Col Brasse's recommended readings...



...Shares methods of sharing connection and compassion to improve leadership communication.

-- Lt Col Brasse 

20201211_Weekly_Vol LXV (7-11 Dec)

I enjoyed picking and choosing from his book the various historical examples. It's well used in universities in support of MBA programs but he is a long term proponent of effective leadership.

-- Lt Col Brasse 

20201204_Weekly_Vol LXIV (30 Nov - 4 Dec)

This is about showing up.. trying and sometimes failing.

-- Lt Col Brasse 

20201106_Weekly_Vol LXI (2-6 November)

Interesting discussion using decades of research to see key traits and core principles necessary for successful leadership.

-- Lt Col Brasse 

20201023_Weekly_Vol LIX (19-23 October)

A bit more business oriented than most but some good discussions on how participation that is not transactional is better for everyone in the organization, including the giver. Quote from the book, "But most of life isn't zero-sum, and on balance, people who choose giving as their primary reciprocity style end up reaping rewards. For Lincoln, like David Hornik, seemingly self-sacrificing decisions ultimately worked to his advantage."

-- Lt Col Brasse 

20201009_Weekly_Vol LVII (5-9 October)

The Psychological High Ground: The Surprising Key to Accelerating Change

by Jason Lamb and Jeremy Buyer

Published 21 September 2020

20200925_Weekly_Vol LV (14-25 September)

Why Inclusive Leaders Are Good for Organizations, and How to Become One

by Juliet Bourke and Andrea Titus

Published 29 March 2019

20200911_Weekly_Vol LIV (7-18 September)

Colonel Practices Excellence Through Servant Leadership

by Raoul Fischer

Cyber Resiliency Office for Weapon Systems

Published 11 June 2020

20200828_Weekly_Vol LIII (24-28 August)

In Times of Uncertainty, These are The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders

by Anita Sands

Published 14 August 2020

20200821_Weekly_Vol LII (17-21 August)

Supporting and Engaging Employees Remotely During Covid-19 

by H.V. MacArthur

Published 14 August 2020

20200821_Weekly_Vol LII (17-21 August)

Here are some highlights from a few of the leadership books I have read over the last year. Many of you have heard me mention them in our weekly talks. Great refresher or topics to generate discussions! (Shared from another leadership group)

Lt Col Brasse

20202807_Weekly_Vol LI (10-14 August)

Visual Synopsis by Dani Saveker (

Modernize the National Guard's State Partnership Program

by Bradley Bowman and Tomas Pledger

Published 10 August 2020

Check out this article shared by Mr. Jeff Steffen.

Could DLIELC enable the State Partnership Program by linking students with National Guard units and leaders in an effort to better strengthen ties between the U.S. and our partner nations?

-- Lt Col Brasse

20200807_Weekly_Vol LI (10-14 August)

Strategic Leadership: The Essential Skills

by Paul J.H. Schoemaker, Steve Krupp, and Samantha Howland

From the Magazine (January–February 2013)

Quick read on leadership...

-- Lt Col Brasse

20200501_Weekly_Vol XXXVIII (27 Apr - 1 May)