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Seymour Johnson AFB Library: S.T.E.A.M.

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For Kids: Who said math or science can’t be fun or cool? Our STEM section helps kids, 12 and under, find fun and exciting ways to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math. We have books, videos, and links to other stuff on the Internet that will spark your imagination. We even have some things that your parents might like!

For Parents: Our STEM collection includes a variety of resources intended to satisfy the information needs and interests of children in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics while supporting interdisciplinary learning in a fun, relatable fashion. Resources considered for this collection aid children’s learning journey by introducing necessary skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

The STEM collection provides for children of different abilities, ages, and backgrounds by introducing and supporting discovery of STEM concepts both inside and outside the classroom. Types of resources acquired and compiled for this collection include books, periodicals, instructional video, databases, and links to other useful sources on the Internet. Although the collection focuses on children as the primary consumer, additional resources are included to aid parents in helping their children with learning STEM concepts and aiding with STEM projects.

Each item has an attached description, hover your mouse pointer over the Information icon icon to read the descriptions.


Other Resources

STEAM Related Videos

Defining Gravity: Crash Course Kids Episode 4.1

What is gravity? Does gravity pull everything down no matter where it is? The first time someone tries to explain how gravity works at an early age is often described as gravity pulls everything down but it is not completely accurate. Discusses the subject in easy to understand terms and visuals while providing examples that engage the child/student. This Crash Course Kids video, based on 5th grade science, tackles teaching what gravity is and how it works in our world. A fun and informative way to support STEM learning.

Note for Parents and Teachers: This online video resource has been vetted by NSTA curators for providing teachers with clear and easy to understand examples but requires the inclusion of some suggested modifications in order to align it with NGSS Science and Engineering practices.


Explore curious topics that makes you ask "why?" or "how?" Every week SciShow Kids answers your questions about science for all ages.

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