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86 FSS Libraries: Meeting Room Policies

Meeting Room Usage and Policies

The Ramstein and Vogelweh Libraries offers use of its Meeting Rooms to individuals, non-profit entities, and Base organizations. The Ramstein Library has three spaces available to reserve: the main meeting room, the programming room, and the Family Computer lab. The Vogelweh Library has two spaces available to reserve: the main meeting room and the Teen Computer lab.

Meeting rooms are available free of charge in 1-to-3-hour blocks; longer periods of time may be approved by the director. The room must be reserved ahead of time unless it does not have any patrons using it.

Meeting room usage rules are as follows:  

  • Signing up for meeting rooms must be done either at the branch the room is located at or over the phone or email.
  • Requested use time must include set-up and clean-up time. Example: if your reservation ends at 7:00PM you must have the room cleaned and reset by then. Please do not end your meeting at 7:00 and then take until 7:15 to clean up. The library has no full time custodial staff. Therefore, Meeting room users are responsible for cleaning up and returning the rooms to their original condition at the completion of the event or meeting.
  • The number of attendees will be limited to the maximum seating capacity of the Meeting Room.
  • No money may be exchanged on library grounds for goods or services rendered during meetings.
  • The individual booking the room will be held responsible for the orderly conduct of the group and for any loss of or damage to library property.
  • There must be one or more adults present at all times to supervise room use.
  • All patrons must adhere to library behavior guidelines.

The library assumes no responsibility for the loss, theft, or damage of any property owned or used by any group, individual, or organization using the library Meeting Rooms.

Individuals, groups, or organizations may identify the library and its location in their publicity for their meeting but may not include the library's phone number or invite potential attendees to contact the library. Library staff will not accept RSVP's or sign-ups on behalf of Meeting Room users.

The library must be notified as soon as possible if room use is being cancelled. Notifying potential attendees of the cancellation is the responsibility of the individual booking the room. Failure to notify the library of a cancellation a minimum of 24 hours prior to meeting time will result in forfeiture of future Meeting Room use for a period of three months, with the exception of weather emergencies.

Meeting Rooms are primarily for the use of library staff, library affiliated organizations, and library sponsored or co-sponsored programs held in cooperation with the library. Library programming supersedes any planned reservation.

In granting an individual, group or organization the use of its meeting Rooms, the library does not endorse the users' beliefs, policies or programs. No individual, group or organization shall in any of its publicity state or suggest that the library sponsors or endorses the meeting, the individual, the group, the organization or any particular set of ideas.

The libraries affirm the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights policies "that all libraries are forums for information and ideas," and specifically policy number VI (six) which states: "libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.