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O'Reilly Account: Set Up

This is a step-by-step guide to creating an O'Reilly account

How to set up an O'Reilly Account

How to set up an O’Reilly Account 

*If you already have an account start with Step 5 to log in


1. From the Tech Library website ( ), click on the O’Reilly icon/link 




2.  This will take you to the Air Force Portal (you will need to log in with your CAC). From here, click on A-Z DIRECTORY OF RESOURCES, from the left side menu.





3.  Select the letter O, then select O’Reilly Books Online




4.  Now you can set up your O’Reilly account with your Name and Email.

If you already have an account

If you already have an account:


5.  Click the link that says “Sign in here



6.  Enter your Email, then click continue.




7.  Military and Civilian employees can use “Sign in with SSO” option. Contractors will need to click the link that says, “Sign in with password




8.  Enter your password, then click “Sign In.” If your account is no longer active, you will need to contact to reactive your account.




9.  Once you are logged in, bookmark or favorite O’Reilly to your favorites on your browser. This will prevent you from having to go through the Air Force Portal each time you want to use O’Reilly.  

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