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RAF Mildenhall Base Library


Welcome to RAF Mildenhall Base Library!

Our Covid Status:

OPEN but with Restrictions

The Library is now open again for walk-in visits from Monday to Friday, 0900-1600. We follow the DoD guidance for 100% mask compliance for all patrons over the age of two. Curbside pick-up remains available for everyone, so if you are unable to wear a mask or you simply prefer to avoid being in public buildings at this time, this is a great option for you!

We do not require appointments, but please be aware that due to UK government guidance, we can only host a maximum of one family group at a time in the children's or young adult rooms. This might mean you may have to wait a few minutes before being able to access the books if we happen to get busy.

The computer room, bathrooms, study area, and seating remain CLOSED to patrons at this time. Current government plans see these restrictions easing beginning in mid-May, so do please keep an eye out here or on our Facebook for updates.

We remain available for curbside pick-up Monday-Friday, 0900-1530.

Please check the "Contact Us" tab for all relevant contact information; email, phone, or regular mail.

Thank you and take care.