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Welcome to The Entrepreneurial State Book Discussion

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The Technical Library welcomes you to The Entrepreneurial State Book Discussion!

We created a discussion board to provide more opportunities to participate! If you cannot attend the live book discussion at the Tech Library or on Teams or are uncomfortable discussing these topics in a group, please join the discussion on the Entrepreneurial State Discussion Board here! You can leave your name or post anonymously! (Ask the Tech Library about how to log in!)

Don't see a question or idea you think is important to consider? Add one!

Even if you do not participate in the discussion, please take some time to read and reflect on the ideas from The Entrepreneurial State and a couple of the discussion questions. Reflection leads to growth!

The Entrepreneurial State Videos

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Mariana Mazzucato TEDTalk: Government -- Investor, risk-taker, innovator

Why doesn't the government just get out of the way and let the private sector -- the "real revolutionaries" -- innovate? It's rhetoric you hear everywhere, and Mariana Mazzucato wants to dispel it. In an energetic talk, she shows how the state -- which many see as a slow, hunkering behemoth -- is really one of our most exciting risk-takers and market-shapers. (Run time: 14:04)


TEDxSussexUniversity - Mariana Mazzucato - The Entrepreneurial State

MARIANA MAZZUCATO is a Professor in Economics at the University of Sussex, where she holds the RM Phillips Chair in Science and Technology Policy. She is interested in the interactions between technological change, economic growth, and the ways that industries are structured. Her recent work has looked at the leading role of the State in fostering innovation, and hence the implications of 'austerity' for Europe's ability to be an 'Innovation Union'. In her last book The Entrepreneurial State she argues that active State investment has been the secret behind most radical innovations, and that this requires economists to analyse the State as market 'maker' and market 'shaper' not just market 'fixer'. (Run time: 17:04)

The Entrepreneurial State - Key Concepts



Inclusion Statement

Inclusion Statement

Everyone is invited to participate in the book discussion! It is expected that book club members will be open-minded and participate in the discussion and debate in a mature and respectful manner. Use of derogatory, condescending, or offensive language including profanity is prohibited. Disagreement is healthy and perfectly acceptable. Expressing disagreement should always include an explanation of your reasoning and, whenever possible, evidence to support your position. In accordance with applicable state and federal laws, discrimination based on gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability is prohibited in any form.