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Yokota AB Library: Mission Support

Yokota AB Library Information

What is Mission Support?

Air Force libraries purchase mission-essential information resources for organizations throughout the year with library central appropriated funds (Central APFs). These materials can include books, databases, subscriptions, and AV.

AFI 34-101, Chapter 16

16.21.  Field Operating Agency Central Purchase Program.  The AFSVA centrally manages appropriated funds and the central purchasing program for field operation agencies to purchase authorized mission essential information materials and services in all formats. Refer to AFMAN 65-605, v1 and AFMAN 34-214. Central purchasing consolidates purchase requests and contracts to reduce procurement costs. AFSVA, in coordination with installation and field operating agency librarians, identifies mission essential organizational resource requirements to command and field operating agencies’ budget officers. Mission essential informational resources are publications and services that directly bear on the functions, initiatives and operations of AF agencies that personnel must use to make decisions and effectively carry out the installation or organization mission.

Setting Up an Office Account

The office requesting materials must fill out the form – Commercial Publication Request, which will include the office’s Library Custodian / Point of Contact with an alternate to be responsible for the materials procured by the library. The custodian or alternate is responsible for conducting an annual inventory of the office collection materials.

When requesting resources include AFI, DOD standards and mission essential information for why your office needs it.

DO NOT request resources that are for customer usage or from the below list of unauthorized purchases. The resources we purchase must be to support the military & civilians in your office with their jobs. Any justification that states it is for customers will be rejected.

Unauthorized Purchases

16.22.  Unauthorized Organizational Purchases.  Library program managers must not fund or purchase these categories of materials or services: 

16.22.1.  Non-mission support recreational publications and materials for dayrooms, lodging, air terminals, distinguished aircraft and visitor lounges, community activity centers, family support centers, youth and child development facilities and hospital and clinic waiting rooms. (T-1). 

16.22.2.  Training aids and copies of materials and textbooks for use in military and civilian education programs, family support centers and religious activities. (T-1). Training materials should be purchased with unit training funds (AFI 36-2649, and AFI 52-101, Planning and Organizing). 

16.22.3.  Copies of publications available from the AF electronic publishing library and electronic transfer system. (T-1). 

16.22.4.  Technical orders and publications normally furnished by manufacturers for equipment maintenance and operation. (T-1). 

16.22.5.  Professional development guides, specialty knowledge tests and AF supervisory examination guides as well as commercially produced writing guides for the AF efficiency reports (AFI 36-2605, Air Force Military Personnel Testing System and AFI 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems). (T-1). 

16.22.6.  Decisions of the Comptroller General where documents may be accessed at the government accounting office webpage ( and the government printing office webpage ( (T-1). 

16.22.7.  Personal purchases for individual retention. (T-1). 

16.22.8.  Visual information products such as films and photographs. Refer to AFI 35-101. (T-1). 

16.22.9.  Computer application software programs for offices, organizations and agencies supported by the AFSVA library program that are not information products, including compact discs. (T-1). 

16.22.10.  Defense mapping agency products such as federal supply class 7640 cataloged maps, atlases, charts and globes; and all other maps, charts, flight information publications, air target materiel, point positioning data and geodetic products. Refer to AFI 14-132, Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT). (T-1). 


When writing justifications for requested items, please make sure that you include any AFI, DoD Standards or such.  Note all requested items to include books, magazines or online resources are for official use by personnel in your office to meet the mission (work requirements). Any justification stating items will be used for customer usage will be denied!



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