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Yokota AB Library: 3D Printing

Yokota AB Library Information


What kind of filament do the 3D Printers use?
PLA (Polylactic Acid—a bioplastic derived from corn).

Is there a fee to print?
No, there is no charge.

Are there limits to what I can print?
Yes, please see our 3D Printing Service Request Terms of Agreement form for more information.  Also, some designs simply won’t work with our printers, and we do restrict prints based on the length of time the item will take to print.  Please visit in person to find out more—print time varies greatly depending on the printer settings and individual design. Total print time is limited to 8 hours per customer per week.

What file format is best for my design?
.STL or .OBJ file types.  Send them via email to

Do you offer classes?
Not at this time. 

What colors are available?
You can select 1 color to print your item. Available colors are Black, White, Yellow, Gray, Silver, Pink, Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, and Light Green; supplies will vary. Please make sure to indicate which color you would like to use when filling out the form to request a print job.


Step 1: Browse Thingiverse or create your own 3D model to print. 

Step 2: Email Library staff at the design you want to use, following the Terms of Agreement.  Only .STL or .OBJ file types can be printed.  We recommend you send us the page link to the print you would like. 

Step 3: Prints typically take 1-2 weeks to be completed, depending on demand.  High demand will extend completion time.

Step 4: Library staff will notify you when your 3D printing is complete and ready to be picked up.

Ultimaker 3 
Makerbot Replicator+ 




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