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MisInfoDay 2022

A virtual educational program for MisInfo Day 2022.

How to Talk With Friends or Family Who Believe Misinformation


How to Talk With Friends or Family Who Believe Misinformation 

How can we help friends and family who have fallen for harmful misinformation? CIP co-founders Kate Starbird and Jevin West and CIP postdoctoral scholar Maddy Jalbert will share advice based on research and their own personal experiences on how to navigate these difficult conversations. Hanson Hosein, co-founder of the UW Communication Leadership program, will moderate.

Video (23 min)

What Can We Do?

Misinformation can seem like an insurmountable problem. We might think there is nothing we can do to help, but that is not true! Each little bit of effort can make a different. Even if we cannot change the minds of others, we can verify questionable information and help to stop its spread by simply not sharing it! Everyone can make a difference.