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MisInfoDay 2022

A virtual educational program for MisInfo Day 2022.

Welcome to MisInfoDay 2022!

The Technical Library welcomes you to


MisInfoDay 2022 is a chance to learn about misinformation and becoming critical consumers of information. Please enjoy the videos, many are provided by the Center for an Informed Public, The University of Washington, and the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication. This is a self-paced educational program covering a range of topics! I hope you enjoy the event and learn something new!

Note: Some of the videos may have issues while accessing on VPN. For best results, access the materials on the network or a device not connected to VPN


Welcome to MisinfoDay 2022

Introduction to MisInfoDay 2022 at the Tech Library.

What is misinformation and how is it different than disinformation?

The value of Information.

Video (7 min)


Once you have completed the MisInfoDay 2022 event, lease take a minute to answer a few anonymous questions. This will help us to plan and improve next year! Thank you!