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Edwards AFB Library: Bring Your Own Book Club


Bring Your Own Book

Our next meeting

Our next meeting is 11 March at 1pm. 

We will be meeting at the library. 


Current Poll

What is your favorite format?
Audiobook CD: 0 votes (0%)
eAudiobook: 1 votes (33.33%)
eBook: 0 votes (0%)
Physical Copy: 2 votes (66.67%)
Total Votes: 3
Favorite Genre
Nonfiction General: 0 votes (0%)
Autobiography/Biography: 1 votes (25%)
Sci/Fi: 0 votes (0%)
Horror: 0 votes (0%)
Romance: 0 votes (0%)
Mystery/Thriller: 0 votes (0%)
Fantasy: 2 votes (50%)
Historical Fiction: 0 votes (0%)
Literary Fiction: 1 votes (25%)
Total Votes: 4

January Meeting


Hello, fellow readers! We are so excited to have you here! We created this club knowing that it can be hard to stick to a book someone else picked, but we also know that readers love to talk about books. So, if you have the time and you want to hear about what other people are reading, then this is the club for you!