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DLIELC Library

Supplementary MELT Resources

US Military Resources

The Tongue and Quill

English Skills for Staff Officers (ESSO) in Multinational Operations (pp. 239-242)

Types of writing to support MDMP:

    Air Force Form 1768, Staff Summary Sheet (pp.238-242)

   Professional Email (p. 134)

   Bullet Writing (p.224, p.247)

   Talking Paper (p. 223)  

   Research: Useful Online Sources (p. 31)


Defense Security Cooperation Agency

DSCA directs, administers and provides Department of Defense (DOD)-wide guidance for the execution of assigned Security Cooperation programs. DSCA issues are often complex, urgent, and span the phases of conflict from shaping the environment to enabling civil authority activities. The agency performs these activities by collaborating closely with the interagency, industry and partner nations. Moreover, DSCA seeks to maximize Security Cooperation program effectiveness and ensures that efforts align with national security priorities.

Center of Gravity (COG)

Joint Force Quarterly 82 (3rd Quarter, July 2016) The Primacy of COG Planning: Getting Back to Basics

Harvard Business Review Series

The HBR series, available at the DLIELC Library, offers the following articles:

For New Managers:

● "Becoming the Boss"

● "Leading the Team You Inherit"

● "How Managers Become Leaders"

● "Managing Your Boss"

Manager's Handbook:

● "Personal Productivity"

● "Strategy: A Primer"

● "Mastering Financial Tools"

● "On Making Smart Decisions"

● "Communicating Effectively"

● "Developing a Business Case”

On Leadership:

● “What Makes a Leader”

● “Seven Transformations of Leadership”

Being More Productive:

"Align your Time Management with your Goals"

On Managing People:

● "The Set-up-To-Fail Syndrome"

Delivering Effective Feedback:

● “Giving Feedback that Sticks”

Dealing with Conflict:

● "Your Options for Handling Conflict”

● “Navigate Common Situations”

Coaching Employees:

● “Shift Your Thinking to Coach Effectively”

● “Set the Stage to Stimulate Growth”

On Making Smart Decisions:

● “How to Avoid Catastrophe”

On Communication:

● "Harnessing the Science of Persuasion"

● "How to Pitch a Brilliant Idea"

Question Formation

QFT Snapshot

The Right Questions (Educational Leadership)
What is the QFT? (Question Formation Technique)

Leveraging the Question Formulation Technique for Professional Growth

The Question Formulation Technique in 90 Seconds



Reframing Problems, Roy Rosin    (17:05)

Project Success: Defining the Problem (6:35)

Lesson 1: Identify the Problem (3:57)



Leadership Philosophy (GEN Stephen Townsend, 2:00)  

What is leadership? (D. Marquet Prezi, 9:36)       

Listen Learn Then Lead (McChrystal 15:23)

Efficient Leadership in the Digital Era (Li 10:34)  

Leadership Lessons (Gen James Mattis (Ret) 16:36)

The rarest commodity is leadership without ego  (Bob Davids 12:50)

What do all great leaders have in common? (Matt Beeton 12:22)

Management Skills

Leadership vs Management: What’s the Difference? - Project Management Training (5:42)

Quality Assurance

How Stakeholders fit into risk-based thinking (10:59)

What is a Stakeholder? (9:59)