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DLIELC Library

Human Resources





A Handbook for Language Program Administrators:

Staffing pp. 219-227


A Handbook for Language Program Administrators:

Changes in personnel pp. 234-235

Job Descriptions

DLIELC Employment Information


Think Like a Manager: Job Descriptions, pp. 107-110


Office of Personal Management

 Interpretive Guidance for Project Manager Positions, pp. 4-8

Grade Level Guide for Instructional Work , pp. 12-19

Multipurpose Occupational Systems Analysis Inventory - Close-Ended (MOSAIC) Competencies

Writing Competencies

Employee Motivation

Think Like a Manager

Motivation and Teamwork p. 201-218 

Empowerment and professional development as motivators pp. 148-154

Professional Enrichment

A Handbook for Language Program Administrators:

Professional Enrichment pp. 235-237

Performance Management

A Handbook for Language Program Administrators:

Supervision and Evaluation pp. 228-232


Journal of Human Resource Management (JHRM)

Articles published in the JHRM bring new insights into topics related to human resource management, especially in Strategic human resource management, International and global human resource management, Human resource management functions (HR planning, recruitment and selection, training  and development, employee motivation, evaluation and compensation, career management, employee turnover, industrial relations, etc.), Future trends in human resource management, and Cross-cultural aspects of human resource management.

The Influence of High Commitment HR Practices on Employees’ Behaviors
Under Perceived Organizational Support and Affective Commitment

 Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (JWOP)

Topics covered by the JWOP include decision making, personnel ion, training, leadership, organizational change, organizational culture and climate, motivation, teamwork, occupational health, stress, job satisfaction, job performance, conflict and negotiation, and work attitudes.

Assessing Job Performance Using Brief Self-report Scales: The Case of the Individual Work Performance Questionnaire

Journal of Corporate Responsibility and Leadership (JCR&L)

JCR&L covers the issues of corporate responsibility to employees and other stakeholders, organizations in business environment, society and the natural environment; contemporary concepts of leadership, the roles played by top, middle and first line managers, and challenges (both external and intra-organizational) faced by leaders in business, public sector and non-profit organizations.

Role of Trust in Employment Contracting

4 Ways Leaders Effectively Manage Conflict 

Dealing with conflict at work: a guide for people managers 

Resolving Conflict Situations 

Practical Guide to Negotiating in the Military 

It's Time To Rethink The 'Employee Engagement' Issue 


The Performance Management Process - A Handbook Published by the State of Oklahoma