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Training and Professional Development




Personal Career Management


Think Like a Manager: 

Managing Your Career, pp. 279, 283, 284, 290;

Goals, pp. 102, 114

Think Like a Manager: 

Aligning Organizational and Personal Development, pp. 34- 35;

Personal Development Questionnaires, pp. 36-38; 68-70; 83-85; 124-126; 144-146;

158-160; 198-200; 216-218; 242-244; 257-259; 276-278; 298-300


CAL: “Professional Development for Adult ESL Practitioners:  Building 

Capacity”  by Kirsten Schaetzel, Joy Kreeft Peyton, and Miriam Burt, 2007

Performance Management for Direct Level (Tactical) Managers


A Handbook for Language Program Administrators:

Supervision KSA, Evaluation and Feedback, pp. 230-234


Think Like a Manager:

Planning, pp. 71-85;

Performance-based Management (PBM), pp. 87-126

Training Initiatives and Processes

From Teacher to Manager:

Orientation of New Staff, pp. 58-59

Continual Learning and Professional Development

A Handbook for Language Program Administrators:

Administrator Professional Development: pp. 15-16;

Empowerment, pp. 148-150;

Avoiding Burnout, pp. 150-151;

Burnout Prevention, pp. 151-152;

Confronting Burnout, pp. 152-153


Key Concepts

Professional Development for Adult ESL Practitioners: Building Capacity


Career Development Models for the 21st Century

Framework for Quality Professional Development for Practitioners Working With Adult English Language Learners

Meeting the Language Needs of Today's English Language Learner

Preparing English Learners for Work and Career Pathways

Creating a Career Development Plan for Employees
The Value of Learning and Development in the Workplace
How to Encourage Employees to Pursue Professional Development
How to Make a Career Path Plan
"The Set-up-To-Fail Syndrome"

 It's Time To Rethink The 'Employee Engagement' Issue

Personal Career Management

Forbes  Seven Strategies to Position Yourself as a Leader at Work

Harvard Business Review  Manager’s Handbook

The 17 Skills Leaders Need to Stand Out - Free PDF

Harvard Business Review  Being More Productive: Align your Time Management with your goals

Continual Learning and Professional Development

Harvard Business Review

Delivering Effective Feedback: linked to articles on giving feedback

Harvard Business Review

Guide to Coaching Your Employees

Harvard Business Review

Topic: Coaching 


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TESOL is the trusted global authority for knowledge and expertise in English language teaching.

TESOL:  PAIS Newsletter

The Newsletter of the Program Administration Interest Section

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ACTFL is dedicated to the improvement and expansion of the teaching and learning of all languages at all levels of instruction.

IATEFL: 16 Special Interest Groups

Linking, developing and supporting English Language Teaching professionals worldwide.

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