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MELT Course

MELT is an intensive professional development course designed for international leaders who are serving or will serve as language training program managers in their countries. It is a seminar consisting of readings, discussions, and presentations by subject matter experts related to leadership, security cooperation, and academic program management. MELT is also a workshop where participants explore and apply course content to develop a capstone project intended to inform their organization’s continuous improvement program. Participants engage with DLIELC leaders in key positions and are challenged to think analytically about their language program, using industry best practices and DLIELC as an organizational model. This course enhances participants’ abilities with practical knowledge and competencies required to administer, supervise, and lead an MLTP.

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Common Resources

ADP 6-22    Army Leadership and the Profession 

Preface: ADP 6-22, Army Leadership and the Profession, establishes and describes the Army Profession and the foundations of Army leadership, (outlines the echelons of leadership (direct, organizational, and strategic), and describes the attributes and core leader competencies expected of all leaders across all levels and cohorts.

CEA Standards    Commision on English Language Program Accreditation  

The CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions comprise 44 individual standards in 11 standards areas. They were developed initially by an Accreditation Advisory Committee (AAC) that took into consideration the various English language program standards that existed in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

JPP    Joint Planning Publication  

Preface: This publication is the keystone document for joint planning. It provides the doctrinal foundation and fundamental principles that guide the Armed Forces of the United States in planning joint campaigns and operations.

MDMP    Military Decision Making Process Handbook

Introduction: This handbook will provide a brief discussion of the Army design methodology and how it is integrated with and complements the MDMP, but the focus of this handbook is to provide commanders and their staffs a tool to assist in the understanding and implementation of MDMP.