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RAF Croughton Library: Meeting Room

Provide access to knowledge and information which support the Air Force mission, readiness, education, and quality of life programs.

Meeting Room

1.  Scope.  This operating instruction applies to the patrons of the Base Library at RAF Croughton.

2.  Policies.

2.1.   Use and reservation will be limited to adults only.  Children under the age of 15 may use the room only when under the direct and constant supervision of a responsible adult.

2.1.1. Children at the age of 15 to 17 may use room.  They must leave ID card and the room must be in good condition when through-door open at all times.

2.2.   Use of the room for official government purposes will receive priority over all others.

2.3.   The room will not be used at any time for personal monetary gain.

2.4.   Reservations must include a point of contact, phone number, and a general statement of use.  The point of contact will be responsible for the conduct of all individuals while in the library, for clean-up of the room and for any damages incurred during use.

2.5.   Reservations will be honored for no longer than 10 minutes following the appointed show time.

2.6.   Reservations will be limited to 3 per day unless otherwise approved.

2.7.   Light refreshments may be served but no parties or showers are allowed because of the noise level.

2.8.   Sounds in the activity room carry into the main library and must be kept to a minimum. 

2.9.   Use of the activity room may be denied or limited as necessary to ensure equitable and appropriate utilization of the facility.

2.10. Only dry eraser marker is allowed to be used on white board.

2.11. Classes or demonstrations involving the use of liquids or flammable materials are prohibited in the library.  The use of fire strictly prohibited to include smoking, candles, etc.

2.12. Any violation of the above stated policies may result in loss of privileges using library activity room.

3.   Procedures.

3.1.   Bookings for Activity Rooms are made on a first come first serve basis with Library programs taking priority. All bookings must be made by individuals aged 18 and above.

3.2.   Bookings may be made for the current calendar year.

3.3.   Time Limits:  Programs or meetings should be scheduled to be held during library's operating hours. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Library Director or the Reference Librarian for meetings starting between the hours of 0900 and 1500.

    1.  Patrons must fill out Sign-In Form at the circulation desk.

3.5.   It is user’s responsibility to inform the circulation desk attendant at the conclusion of use.

4.   Storage of Supplies and Equipment.

4.1.   Due to the lack of storage space, no group will be permitted to leave supplies and/or equipment in the activity room between regularly scheduled meetings.

4.2.   The library can and will not assume responsibility for any items left in the activity rooms.

4.3.   The only exception to this rule is if the meetings are scheduled on the same day with no other meetings scheduled in between.